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I Am In Love With My Step Father And I Don’t Feel Guilty – 17 Year Old Discloses

A 17 year old has disclosed something interesting about herself and her step dad and you all have to read some. Below is the letter she sent seeking for advice.

“I don’t know what my mother will say when she sees this. I am in love with her husband and I don’t feel guilty about it. I have tried for a long time to fight this but it’s not working.

My mother is a kind and hardworking woman but she treats her husband who is my step father badly because he doesn’t have money. She talks to him anyhow, treats him like her houseboy and this breaks my heart.

I am 17 years old and a final year SHS student. I am being taken care of by my mother but I don’t like the way she treats her husband. She doesn’t respect him as the head of the family because he’s laid back.

My step dad finds it hard to hold down a job. She gave him money to go into business several times but the businesses fold up after some months.

One day, my mom insulted her husband so much in my presence that I challenged her. I told her it was bad of her to be talking to him like that because he doesn’t have money.

My mother slapped me. Since that day, our relationship became strained. I no longer see her as my mother who was once my idol.

One time, my step dad confided in me. He started telling me things about their marriage that surprised me. He told me my mother had cheated on him many times because she was the breadwinner and he keeps tolerating her excesses because he loves her.

I felt bad for him. For over five years that I have known my step dad , he hasn’t raised his voice or his hands on my mother even though she disrespects him, disobeys his decisions and insults him in the presence of family and friends.

One day while my mother was away, her husband and I talked a lot till it was late at night. One thing led to another and we kissed. He is a good kisser and he was gentle with me. We had $ex thrice before daybreak.

Since then, we have been having a relationship without anybody’s knowledge and my mother doesn’t suspect anything. I have fallen in love with this man but I don’t know how to tell my mother

I don’t even know how to explain this to people without being judged but I know what I am feeling. This man treats me better than my mother does and we want to be with each other.

I don’t feel guilty for falling in love with my step dad because of the way my mother disrespects him. I want to know how to tell her what is happening between her husband and I without problems.”

This young lady is seeking for advice: And this is what I had to say,

You are either a witch or an ungrateful child. You have betrayed your mother with her husband and you are giving excuses for your irresponsible behavior.

Tell your mother and deal with the consequences. You and her jobless husband deserve each other.

You can as well say some sense into her ungrateful head in the comments section.

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